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Online Privacy and Freedom

UltraSurf is a security and privacy freeware created by UltraReach Internet Corp. U.S.A. The freeware allows users to anonymously browse online. Their identity and location are kept hidden, along with clearing the web browser history and cookies.

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  • Easy to use
  • Faster website loading
  • Automatically deletes cookies and history
  • Redirects user IP address and identification


  • Servers may be overloaded
  • May not absolutely protect personal information
  • Transparently tunnels internet traffic and still requires extra privacy tools
  • May be identified as malware or Trojan

Very good

UltraSurf is a security and privacy freeware created by UltraReach Internet Corp. U.S.A. The freeware allows users to anonymously browse online. Their identity and location are kept hidden, along with clearing the web browser history and cookies.

Why Are There Even Internet Censorships?

Censorship on the internet is a form of information control or suppression by an entity or self-initiative by regulators. It can be a prohibition of accessing, publishing or viewing important information. Every country has its own reasons for censoring content coming from the Internet. Factors like societal norms, business information, extorsion, libelous materials, moral, and even religion are the reasons behind censorship. Most democratic countries are lenient on censorship while others limit everything that users can access. Users may not be able to read important news about their country and other places. The other reason for internet censorship is for the preparation of crucial events like national elections, nationwide protests, and riots. There are also clashes between government regulators and internet freedom supporters. While government regulators implement restriction tools, companies like Cloudflare, Google, and Mozilla develop technologies that can overcome barriers and filters. Their technologies enable shifting DNS to the TLS layer that bypasses such interceptions.

Circumventing the Online Censorships

UltraSurf is capable of bypassing Internet censorship as well as network firewalls. Originally designed for Chinese internet users in 2002, the freeware got distributed across the world to provide freedom of information. China’s government censors and regulates everything online but UltraSurf helped Chinese users to circumvent that kind of information blockage. This freeware features easy to use features to conveniently secure users. There are only 5 main buttons above the user interface: Home, Retry, Options, Help, and Exit. The bottom part of the user interface indicates which servers users can connect to. The Options button opens a generous list of options that users can select. They can pick a default web browser, clean their browser history and cookies, change their Local Listening Port and adjust the proxy settings. The freeware utilizes its own HTTP proxy server, at the same time initiates industry standard, end-to-end encryption protocols for the communications. The freeware may alert some antivirus software because of this process. Other methods injected by the freeware are UltraReach anti-debugging techniques and executable compression. These processes enforce reliable privacy for the user whenever they browse online. The freeware requires no installation upon downloading. It leaves no trace like hidden files and registry edits. Uninstalling the freeware only requires deleting the .exe file. Every communication that comes from browsers is ensured to be encrypted. Users can finally keep in touch with their contacts without the prying eyes of any entities. Their IP address is also kept hidden from websites every time they visit them. The other advantage of using a circumvention tool is it enables better security for laptops when using any public Wi-Fi networks. Any website will load faster and only minimal speed reduction will be noticed. Users must remember that the freeware is not meant for doing illegal activities as UltraReach Internet Corp condones such actions. They cannot also use the freeware for torrenting files since it is browser-based.

Enforcing Privacy for Users

UltraSurf helps users achieve reliable security and freedom whenever they surf online. They can get online information without their IP address and location leaking. Their web browsers will also run faster, at the same time the history and cookies are cleaned automatically.

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UltraSurf 19.02

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